Cutting Abrasives
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Cutting Abrasives

We offer a truly extensive range of cut off wheels to suit everything from hand held machines right through to large petrol driven saws, making sure that you have the right cutting disc for the job.

Sizes from 30 mm diameter to 400 mm

Varying thickness's including ultra thin 1.0mm discs, which produce a superfine cut removing less material, creating less heat and quicker cutting due to less resistance.

Specific discs for specific needs: Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Ion, Non Ferrous Metals/ Aluminium and Stone.

Gippsland Bolts and Fasteners have the right cutting wheel for every application.

Gippsland Bolts and Fasteners specialise in fasteners and industrial supplies. You can download our product catalogue for information on specific products or to have a bolt specialist speak with you about factory cutting abrasive products please use our enquiry form.