About Gippsland Bolts and Fasteners
Gippsland Bolts and Fasteners services clients Australia wide with the best quality bolts, abrasives, fasteners and welding equipment. We were established in 1987 and over the years we have developed a comprehensive range of products including abrasives, bolts, fasteners, tools and equipment, and welding products.

We have built a reputation as a provider of superior service and quality through our extensive product knowledge and our alignment with reputable suppliers. This has allowed us to effectively cater for the specific needs of our clients, including those in the coal and wind power industries. Further to this service philosophy, all orders are dispatched from a single distribution point, allowing us to more effectively streamline the dispatch process to successfully meet strict delivery lead times. Our products are used by all types of manufacturers, big and small workshops, agricultural businesses, engineering companies, oil rigs and the construction industry.

Gippsland Bolts and Fasteners has the knowledge and experience to cater for your specific requirements. Our experienced staff will assess your particular needs and recommend the right bolt, fastener or product. We can even arrange for specialised or custom products if necessary. If you require a high level of service with a high level of quality;

Gippsland Bolts and Fasteners
“……..Bolts ahead of the rest”
Gippsland Bolts and Fasteners specialise in fasteners and industrial supplies. You can download our product catalogue for information on specific products or to have a bolt specialist speak with you about factory tools, machines and consumable products, please use our enquiry form.