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Lindapter is a technical innovation in steelwork connection and provides solutions to your connection requirements. The application of these products in connections are limitless. Cost savings can be realised through the reduction in installation times, no specialised labour is required and no special tools are needed, which means your business benefits immediately from using Lindapter fixings. Advantages over traditional methods include quick project turnaround, cost savings and the peace of mind you will get knowing that by using Lindapter products, they are backed by rigorous testing and guaranteed loadings.

Lindapter has a vast array of connection products to suit;

  • Steelwork fixings for structural & secondary steelwork
  • Cavity fixings for hollow section steel
  • Rail fixings for low speed applications
  • Floor fixings for solid or open grate flooring
  • Also Bespoke design products and development services 

Gippsland Bolts and Fasteners can support any Lindapter requirement you may have and provide the back-up products and services to recommend the correct product for your particular application.

Gippsland Bolts and Fasteners specialise in fasteners and industrial supplies. You can download our product catalogue for information on specific products or to have a bolt specialist speak with you about Lindapter Steelwork Connection Products , please use our enquiry form.