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Gippsland bolts also stock low tensile hex head and cup head bolts, zinc plated or galvanized. Not to mention a large range of galvanized commercial grade bolts. Along with low tensile bolts, we also carry metric and imperial threaded rod in 1 metre and 3 metre lengths zinc plated or galvanized.

Low tensile bolts are used in most general situations where the application dose not require additional tensile strength for example in light duty gates, or light weight structures, but remember if you are in doubt it is always wise to seek some professional advice so as to ensure you are employing the correct bolt / fastener for the application. For all of our bolts, whether it is a stainless steel bolt, threaded rod, high tensile bolt, low tensile bolt or socket screw, we have the correct assembly nuts and assembly washers for your application.

Gippsland Bolts and Fasteners specialise in fasteners and industrial supplies. You can download our product catalogue for information on specific products or to have a bolt specialist speak with you about Low tensile bolt products, please use our enquiry form.