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Single phase or three phase welding machines in either Mig, Tig or Arc. We also stock engine drive welding units with a built in generator for self powered welding. We stock welders and welding products from Esab, Migomag, Lincoln and Fronius, all of whom have excellent reputations for manufacturing high quality and durable welding machines.

Mig welding machines are a versatile welding machine that is suitable for a wide range of materials including steel, aluminium, and stainless steel. Gippsland Bolts and Fasteners also stock the Mig wire necessary to keep your Mig welding machine functioning.

Tig welding machines are specialty welding machines designed for welding steel, aluminium and stainless steel. We can also keep you in stock of the steel aluminium and stainless steel Tig rods that are expended during the welding machine's operation.

Arc welding machines are suitable for both mild steel and hard facing welding requirements. The Arc rods that are required are available in store.

Welding Machines Warranty offerings vary from welding machine to welding machine; however, all models are backed up with an extensive range of spare parts and welding accessories to keep your welding machine running at the optimal level.

Gippsland Bolts and Fasteners specialise in fasteners and industrial supplies. You can download our product catalogue for information on specific products or to have a bolt specialist speak with you about factory Welding machines, please use our enquiry form.